Stamped Concrete

Affordability & Creativity – Stamped Concrete in Augusta, Georgia

Stamped concrete offers customers freedom of design – it is a popular alternative option for patios, sidewalks, and even interior floors. And, stamped concrete allows our Augusta customers to enjoy the look and style they love. Both its durability and affordability make it an easy choice for commercial and residential concrete projects.

What is Stamped Concrete?

When we talk about stamped concrete, we’re talking about concrete that has a pattern, texture or color added to it in order to resemble another material, such as brick, stone or tile. Stamped concrete perfectly mimics the style and texture of these other materials, providing a wide variety of affordable styles and designs. And while the styles and appearances can vary, it doesn’t impact the integrity of the materials, and customers still benefit from the durability of concrete.

Budget Friendly – Is Stamped Concrete Right for You?

Concrete is already an affordable surface for most projects. However, because stamped concrete can also be blended with other elements, such as acid-etch staining, it offers a vast array of surface options without substantial additional expense. And, its versatility also allows us to create a variety of popular patterns in any orientation, and in almost any environment. Love hexagonal tile? No problem! Prefer a natural stone appearance? We can do that!

Examples of our work can be found throughout the Augusta region. Contact the concrete professionals at Powell’s Concrete to discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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