Flatwork Concrete

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Concrete is a widely used material for construction and design, and not just in the Augusta area – more than 10 billion tons is poured annually worldwide! And while it has many uses, the most common is concrete flooring.

A level foundation is essential; sidewalks, patios, driveways, when concrete is poured over a horizontal plane, you want it to be done right. Our concrete professionals will work with you to determine the specifications most appropriate for your residential or commercial flatwork project. Flatwork uses just three ingredients: aggregate, such as sand or gravel, cement, and, water. From thickness and coverage, to the amount of reinforcement needed to guarantee the integrity of the concrete slab, Powell’s Concrete provides our customers with accuracy and peace of mind.

No Time to DIY

Yes, it is possible to tackle concrete projects without professional assistance, but when it comes to flatwork, please use a professional! Powell’s Concrete has years of experience, not to mention specialty tools and techniques – we offer quality materials and a quality outcome, so our customers can enjoy the finished results.

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During a Flatwork installation of a Neighborhood Road Installation